Launches the long awaited Premier Letting & Property Sharing Platform

You may surprise yourself with how beneficial a share can be, but if you wouldn’t mind a little more cash, and a little more companionship, you ought to give it a try now. The platform provides a unique opportunity for property/room/flat owners and seekers, landlords and tenants who would love to share their flats or[…] Can Benefit You

Loneliness is a huge problem, especially for young employees who are single. The demands a career makes often leaves little time and energy for going out to nightspots, but coming home to an empty flat is depressing. These busy workers and students would make ideal tenants – some extra cash never goes amiss, while having[…] says no to Middle Men in the Homeshare Market

From this sudden flash of inspiration he began the process of setting up, an accommodation site for everyone! Samuel’s revolutionary strategy was to set up a site where landlords and housemates could connect directly, eliminating the costly rent cut of the agent and allow for much more flexibility for the person searching for somewhere[…]